About Us

 Our mission at Treesnail Natural Essentials is to make natural living approachable, understandable, and realistic for individuals and families from all walks of life.   

We create small batch, high-quality home and body care products that individuals can trust to be all-natural and completely transparent in every ingredient used. Every item is made ‘in house’ by yours truly in St. Louis, Missouri which allows us to modify recipes for custom orders, allergy needs, and seasonal selections.

The products Michael and I produce today are backed by years of research and experimentation (only on willing individuals, never animals). Every ingredient we use (even those under 1%) are listed so that you know EXACTLY what you and your loved ones are putting on your bodies and in your homes.  

Since Michael and I develop what we ourselves have found the need for in our lives, our line of products is very much an autobiography of who we are, where we’ve been, and what we’re up to. 

Our hiking years in California spurred the need for natural products to protect our skin; our love of coffee, craft beer, and wine has inspired many scents and recipes; as parents of a 22 month old and a 2 week old, we are beyond excited to share our maternity and (quickly growing) ‘Natural Family’ product line. What you see is US, a ‘real’ couple that is mindful of what we put on our bodies and in our home.

Moving from Los Angeles back to St. Louis has allowed us to have much more space to experiment and grow our beloved little company. We love our ecommerce family and are truly endeared by the relationships we have grown with other naturally-minded folks around the world.  Reestablishing our ‘home’ in St. Louis has helped us to develop a sense of community, and our increasing presence in boutiques and cafes around the area promotes our deep ties to local family business.  

Thank you for shopping small, and and don't forget to slow down and enjoy every moment life has to offer!

Breathe Deep, 

Christine, Michael, Savy, and Zinny